Hey there! I’m glad to see you stopped by.

Are you new to the world of blogging or looking to start? If so then your in the right place.

Your obviously here because you want to know a little bit about me and what I can do for you.

So here ya go.


A Little Bit About Me


My name is Kendra.

Let me start by saying I am thankful to have a wonderful husband.

I feel it’s a blessing to be happily married.

It’s kinda hard to find these days. We have been together for fifteen years.

We are what you call a blended family. Combined we have had 8 children.

Yes, you read that right, 8. I get that look all the time.

And I am also a stay at home mom.

Now granted I have not raised all 8 kids, but every one of them do consider me “mom”.

I do however have 4 at home, all teenagers, I might add.

Another one of those looks, right? Yea, my hands are pretty full!

While this is a huge job itself, it sure don’t make me any money.

We really need an extra income, as you can imagine.

So, I would constantly search for ways to make money from home.

That’s what I have always wanted to do. Make some money while still being here for my kids.

And it seemed like I would never find a legitimate opportunity.

Or even come up with anything that inspired me, until now!

What happened was, I started to see a lot of articles about people making money online.

About how they are making a good income from blogging.

I’ve always thought a blog was kinda like a personal journal.

I never knew that you could make money from it.

Until I decided to do some research on it.

Then I found out there are some bloggers who are actually very successful. This got me really excited!

How did I not know about this sooner? It’s just what I had been loooking for.

One thing I did know was that I wanted to be one of those success stories.

That’s when I decided to start my own business.

And I know there are a ton of people out there in a similar situation. We all need more money!

So, I am sharing my journey in hopes of helping you along the way. The good and the bad.

I’m not trying to sugar coat it. I want you to know what I have struggled with and the mistakes I made.

Maybe it will help someone else out. That’s what I’m hoping for.

It’s time to take action, earn a good living, and have a better life.

Start right here and join me in my Making Money Challenge.

Don’t think you can’t do this because you don’t know anything about blogging. You’re wrong.

Everybody has to start somewhere. You gotta learn something to earn something!

I’ll admit, I didn’t know the very first thing about it. But, I have learned a lot.

And you can too. Want more information?

Have a look around here, it’s a great place for beginners.

Here’s a Step by Step Guide to Create a Blog.

You can also download your FREE Beginner Toolbox below.

It’s 12 pages full of tools and recources to help you build a blog and start making money from it.


Free Toolbox


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