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Avoid These 5 Monetization Mistakes

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You work hard on creating blog content and building your business.

Don’t mess things up by making monetization mistakes!

5 Monetization Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Being Unfocused
  2. Having Too Many Goals
  3. No Clear Call To Action
  4. Don’t Follow Through
  5. Not Having Consistent Quality Content


Keep these five things in mind while trying to monetize your blog.



Monetization Mistakes



Stay Focused


Do you have too many distractions going on?

When monetizing, you want to make sure that you are not distracting readers from your goal with your content.

Keep your messages and formatting focused.

For instance, if your goal is to use an opt-in, make sure that is your main call to action.

You want your reader to focus on that.

Don’t have a bunch of other links that will distract your reader from your goal.

Make sure you have a clear message and motivate your reader to click the opt-in.


Don’t Have Too Many Goals


You will not get the best results if you choose to have too many goals in one post.

This can be another mistake that’s made when monetizing your blog.

It’s not uncommon to see articles stuffed full of affiliate links, recruitment links, and even free links.

The problem is that this can be too confusing to your reader.

They may become overwhelmed and unsure of what they should do.

You are less likely to get conversions if there is too much going on.

Focus on the main goal for each piece you write in order to get the best results.


A Clear Call To Action


Not having a clear call to action is a big monetization mistake.

Is it clear to your readers what action they should take when they read your content?

You may not think that you need to be specific about what action your reader should take, but you definitely should.

For instance, if you don’t tell them to subscribe, they more than likely won’t.

This one small step can make a world of difference.

Be sure you are clearly stating the action you want your reader to take.


Always Follow Through


Make sure that you seize the moment.

You have been successful in capturing your reader’s attention, now be sure that you are following through.

For example, if you are using an opt-in to build your list, follow through with like emails.

They have subscribed to your list, so you want to be sure and send them goal-oriented emails.

Don’t miss out on this chance to keep their attention and build that relationship.

The more value they find in what you have to say, the more trust that will build with them.

And in turn, this will help you with monetization.

Let’s face it your more likely to purchase from someone that you trust.


Have Consistent Quality Content


The best way to succeed with monetization is through consistent high-quality content.

With so much competition out there, you have to make sure that you are delivering the very best.

Be the business that is always going one step further and providing value-driven, high-quality content.

This will help you earn the trust and respect of your readers,

Which in turn will keep them coming back, and ultimately lead to profits.


Overall, the key is to stay focused.

Make sure that your reader knows exactly what they should do.

Deliver the very best.

And, of course….Make sure to follow through!


If you need help finding affiliate programs to monetize your blog,

check out this post on Affiliate Programs for Beginners.


Avoid These 5 Monetization Mistakes

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