Blog Planning Five Things to Consider
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Blog Planning- Five things to consider

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Blog Planning – Five Things To Consider


So are you ready to make the next move to improve your life?

Would you like to join me in my making money challenge?

Are you ready to start your own blog?



There is a lot that goes into starting a blog and creating your own journey.

Planning should be a big part of it.


Before you attempt to start a blog you need to do some blog planning.

Here are five things to consider when doing that.


  • 1. Create a business plan

First off, having a good plan is one key thing that I don’t feel is stressed enough.
Yea, I have seen it talked about, but not enough to understand its importance.
It is in your best interest to have a plan set out for your business.
This will help you out in the long run.
Not having a good enough plan is a mistake that I made.
It could have certainly saved me some trouble.
So, I figured, Oh I will just start off with..blah.blah.blah…and then figure it out later.
I was so wrong. I really needed a better plan.


  • 2. Your Time

Another thing I did was to spend a lot of time changing themes and trying out different designs on my blog.
There is a lot of advice to not do that, I just chose not to listen.
But, there is a possibility that you may not stick with it.
Then, you have put all of your time into setting up something that you no longer use.
After all, it does make sense. You could use that time to promote your blog or produce content instead.
And it’s a big headache changing all of your settings every time you don’t like it.
This is one thing I didn’t follow advise on, but I had to be happy with mine before I started to promote it.
Yeah, I’m crazy like that.
So that is something you must decide.
Figure out how much time you plan on putting into building it first.


  • 3. Budget

Next, you need to know that this will be an investment.
It will take a little money in order to get started (if you want to do it correctly).
So you should figure out how much you are able to invest in it right from the start.
The start-up cost is not very expensive though.
It all depends on what you decide to choose.
My cost was mainly for paid hosting (which I will get into later).
You may decide you would like to take some courses, some may cost.
Or maybe you would like to invest in products to help improve your site.
There are always little things that could possibly have a price tag.
It’s just according to what you must have!
Just keep in mind that you will need a budget.


  • 4. Set Goals

You definitely need to know what it is you plan to do with your blog.
Decide what it is going to be about.
Are you looking to start a business?
Maybe you just want to do some ads and marketing!
There are tons of possibilities.
Figure out what it is you really want to accomplish from this.
Where do you plan to be with it next year?
What would you like to accomplish in a few months?
Determine what your main goal is going to be.
Now choose some smaller goals to help you achieve your main goal.
Including these in your plan will help give you something to work towards.


  • 5. Plan Out Your Blog Topics

Now, I already stated the importance of a business plan.
You will also need a blog plan.
First, you must decide on your niche, or the main topic, (more on this later)
Now, you need to find topics within that to write upon.
This is where your planning comes into place.
You need to think about what you want your blog to look like in terms of layout.
If you plan to have every post that you write be on just one page, then that’s fine.
A blog plan won’t be needed as much.
When you want separate pages for different topics thenā€¦
You need a blog plan!
Therefore, knowing what your topics are going to be will help you organize them later.


Blog Planning Five Things to Consider



  • A Few Words From Me

Finally, let me say this.
My blog posts will be about the things that I did to build my blog.
They will include my opinions on the tools that I have usedĀ or advice that I have.
This is all about showing you the steps that I took, so I can help someone else out.
I will try to make them detailed and have lots of useful info.
That’s how I like to learn, so that’s how I’ll teach.
My goal hereĀ is to help make this as easy for you as possible.
It was not as easy for me as everyone claims.
There is no way in the world I could have had my blog up and running in half an hour.
That is one post you won’t find from me. “How to create your blog in half an hour”.

Don’t plan on that. Not gonna happen!


Hope this post helped you out.

Don’t forget to pin it!

Blog Planning Five Things to Consider



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