Claim your Name and Dominate your Domain
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Claim your Name and Dominate your Domain

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Are you ready to start your own blog?

Great! But first, you are going to need a domain name.

And that’s what this post is going to be about.

It’s just got a few things to keep in mind when you

Claim Your Name and Dominate Your Domain


Here’s what we’re gonna cover.

  • What a domain name is
  • Making your name have meaning
  • Choosing carefully
  • Brainstorming
  • Checking Availability
  • Claiming your name before getting hosting


What is a Domain Name?

Not sure what a domain name is?
Well, a domain name is the name of your website.
It’s kinda like your internet address.
You enter the domain name into a browser to find that website.
It is more than likely going to be the name of your business.
Dominate your domain and claim the perfect name for it.


Claim your Name and Dominate your Domain

Make It Have Meaning

A domain name should have meaning behind it. It should also be something unique.
Choose a domain name that will represent your business.
You don’t want a name like Car Crazy if your website is about gardening.
Some people choose to add their own name to their domain name. Like what I did.
Using your name makes it more personal.
It can either be just your first or last name. Or, maybe you want to use both.
Or you could choose one that could have a variety of meanings.
You may not do so well with the topic you choose and want to change later on.
Maybe you want a name that could work for different things.
Also what I chose to do.
My name can have a variety of meanings.

Choose Carefully

Choosing your domain name can be a hard decision. Maybe one of the hardest in creating your blog.
You want to choose carefully, so it may take some time.
Making sure you are happy with the name you choose is important. It’s not easy to change.
There are millions of websites already, so a lot of names are already taken.
Keep in mind you may like something and it may not be available.
That’s when you may need to add something to it or make it more personal.
Also, make sure you use correct spelling. For instance, don’t spell crazy like krazy.
Someone may remember your name but have trouble finding you if you have spelled it wrong.
It’s a smart idea to make sure how it looks too. Make sure your words fit together okay.
For example, Speed of Art is speedofart, or Pen Island would become penisland.
So, you can see why certain words may not go so good together.


Maybe you need to try to do some brainstorming.
You should try to keep your domain name short.
Easier said than done!
Most names are two or three small names put together.
Write down a bunch of keywords that could work.
Try to pick some names that will represent what your website is about.
Then, add a couple of them together.
You may need to try different variations of them also.

Check Availability

There are plenty of blog name generators out there.
Use them to see if your name is available.
With millions of blogs, you need to claim your name while you can.
You can put in keywords and it will generate ideas for you.
Most of them will show the availability for social media sites as well.
This way you can make sure it’s available across all platforms at the same time.
While I did use a site like this when trying to find my name,
I’m not sure the social media part was correct.
Namevine was the site I used.
But it didn’t show any names available on Pinterest for me.
And believe me, I tried a ton of different ones.
Maybe I am the only one to have this problem.
I’m not sure.
Just keep that in mind if you do use it.
I know there are plenty of other ones out there but this is the only one I have used.



Choosing Domain Before Hosting?

You need to have your name picked out before you purchase your hosting, which will be the next step.
Knowing what it will be can get you through that quicker.
Plus you are probably going to spend some time trying to figure it out.
It’s a pretty hard thing to decide on!
Your hosting service will usually offer a free domain name.
There are a lot of reviews that claim it is best to keep those separate.
This would mean purchasing your name before you purchase hosting.
They say that it makes it easier if you would want to switch your hosting service.
Which makes a lot of sense actually.
My name and hosting are together, and I have not had any issues yet.
But, since reading these reviews recently, I want to let you know your options and choose what may be best for you.
I would have more than likely done them separately myself, had I known beforehand.
If you decide to purchase your domain name separately Namecheap is a great place to get it from.

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I hope this helps you to come up with some ideas.


I’m sure whatever domain name you choose it will represent you perfectly!


Claim your Name and Dominate your Domain

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