Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines
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Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines

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Are you having trouble getting emails opened?

Do you have Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines?


One of the very first things to get right in email marketing would have to be the subject line.

You want to make sure that you have click-worthy subject lines.

It doesn’t matter how great your email is if your subscribers don’t open it.

I know how easy it is to work really hard on creating the perfect email message,

and then just slap a subject line on it when you’re done.

But, that’s not good enough.

You need to take a little time writing some good subject lines.

Then see what headlines will get good open rates.

Here are a few tips to help you come up with click-worthy email subject lines.


Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines


Keep it Short and Sweet

The first thing to keep in mind is to keep it short.

Make sure that your reader can see the entire subject line before they open it.

You also want to make them easy to scroll through.

Try keeping them short and sweet.

Also, pay attention to how they look on different devices.

Some people may be seeing them on a phone while others are on a computer.

Making sure they are eye-catching across all devices will really help.


File Click-Worthy Lines

Here’s another great little idea.

Try keeping a file of the subject lines that have grabbed your attention.

If they grabbed your attention then chances are they will work on other people too.

This can be really helpful with saving some time as well.

And remember, they may be on a different topic entirely,

but you can always adapt them to fit your own needs.


Avoid Spam Words

Another great tip to remember is to avoid using any spammy words.

You want to stay away from anything that is associated with spam emails.

This would be words such as discount, sale, free, and coupon.

Even the words limited offer or reminder should be watched.

They may not be enough to trigger a spam filter.

But they are definitely overused and have a high chance of being ignored by your reader,

if they happen to make it to their inbox.

So instead, you should start with the saved subject lines and the ones with the best open rate.

You will need to analyze what works best for your market.

Don’t forget you’ll need to adjust and tweak a little bit.

Everything will not be the same in every niche.

It’s going to take a little work to find some click-worthy subject lines that work for you.


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Click-Worthy Email Subject Lines



Now, I know that personalizing has also been overused in some markets.

But, keep in mind that it still works well for many people.

You can always just give it a try.

See if it happens to work out for you.

And you don’t have to overdo it either,

simply add their first name to emails you really need them to open.

You can even personalize it with a location too.

Now, of course, this depends on the data you are collecting when they sign up.

But, seeing their city or even state in the subject line is a great way to get their attention.


Be Intriguing

It’s really hard to ignore a subject line that sounds intriguing.

We are all nosy, don’t try to deny it!

Here is another simple idea.

You can try using “…” at the end of the subject line.

This tends to work pretty well.

Or even give them just a small piece of your story.

Make them want to open your email and find out what the heck you are talking about.

Or make it interesting enough that they want to find out how your story ends.

I would say overall, the best tip is going to be keeping those lines that got you to open an email.

You will probably find yourself using those quite a bit.

After all, if it was enough to get you to click, it will intrigue someone else too!


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