Five Small Steps to Get You Motivated
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Five Small Steps to Get You Motivated

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Sometimes we are having trouble starting a task or project.

I’m sure that we have all done this at some time or another.

We find it’s a struggle to get motivated.

There are five small steps you can take to get you motivated.

Maybe you have been procrastinating and you’re about to miss that deadline.

The threat of not completing the job on time should be enough to motivate you to do it, right? Wrong.

We often find that knowing the consequences just isn’t enough to push us forward.

Fortunately though, there are some small steps you can take to boost your motivation.

If your usual routine isn’t working, and you need some fast ways to get motivated, you are in the right place.

Keep reading to find out more.

Even if just one of these can help you overcome that slump, it was worth your time.

And you may also be surprised by the significant effect that a simple action can have on your productivity.

Alright, let’s get going.

Here are the five steps we are going to cover.

  1. Looking Ahead
  2. Exercise
  3. Power Nap
  4. Music
  5. Start Small


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Looking Ahead

Let’s start off by simply looking ahead.

Thinking about the end result of a specific activity may help get you motivated to start on it.

For instance, think about the money you could make from doing a freelance job.

Or how much stress you can relieve by having a months worth of content prepared.

It doesn’t matter what the project may be if you are able to visualize the result of your efforts,

you can improve your focus and increase your motivation.

You could even try using an actual visual, such as a photo to help motivate yourself.

Some people find that images will help push them harder.

Maybe this could work for you.


Another solution could be to get your body moving.

Even a small amount can help get you motivated.

You can’t focus on a task if your sleepy or feeling restless.

And exercise is also proven to decrease stress and increase mental clarity.

This is going to help you out when working on a task or trying to reach a deadline.

Now, I know that everyone is not athletic.

Maybe going to the gym for an hour is not your cup of tea.

Believe me, I understand. I am not a gym person myself.

But I do find that simply taking a brisk walk can help.

Or maybe even doing a few small exercises every day can give you that boost you need.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo it.

If you end up exhausted, you won’t get anything done!

Power Nap

You may be able to clear your mind and restore positive energy by taking a quick rest.

If you’re worn out or your thoughts are just cloudy, a nap may be a better course of action than exercising.

Maybe you could lay down on the sofa or get a power nap in the recliner.

But now, it should only be about 10 to 20 mins.

Then you should feel rejuvenated and ready to work.

It’s proven that 30 mins. or less will energize you.

Anything more than that can simply make you more tired.


Music is another small step that can get you motivated.

Maybe you could try and play your favorite upbeat song.

I don’t know about everyone, but I certainly have songs that just get me going.

Some music can just put you in a certain mood and get you feeling more alert.

If you can work with background noise, keep it on and maybe turn it down.

Or maybe changing it to more of a mellow playlist might work for you.

Some people require silence in order to concentrate, then go ahead and turn it off.

Get going with a couple of good songs, then shut it off and get to work.

Start Small

You may want to give this method a try, starting off with a small portion.

This can be a successful way to trick the mind into moving on with a task.

For example, start by gathering the data you need for this task.

Or maybe finding out what resources you need to do this certain job.

This one small action can put you in the right mindset and give you the motivation to keep working on the rest of it.

Getting started truly can be half of the battle.


Now, of course, these are just simple suggestions and they may not work for everyone.

What motivates me may not work for you.

You may even need to tweak some things in order to fit your own personality or preference.

But you can always experiment with them.

Keep using the ones that seem to work best for you.

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