Pinning With Pinterest - Gain More Traffic
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Pinning With Pinterest – Gain More Traffic

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You have created a blog. Congratulations!

Now it’s time to show it off. How do you do that?

You have to get some traffic.

Pinning with Pinterest; Gain more Traffic


Pinning With Pinterest - Gain More Traffic


One way to bring in traffic is with Pinterest. And for most bloggers, it is the best way.

What is Pinterest

Not sure what Pinterest is? Well, it’s a social media platform.

That’s what it is considered anyway. Pinterest is actually like a search engine.

It’s kinda like Google with pictures.

Just enter a search term, like a recipe or (how to use Pinterest) and you will get a ton of related options.

You can choose to save it to your account so you can easily find it later.

Now, I used to think it was just for recipes, crafts, and do it yourself things.

I was definitely wrong. You are able to find just about anything you want on there.

So, all you have to do is create an account. Don’t worry. It’s free!

Maybe you already have one. Great!

But what you need is a business account. It’s free too!

That way people who visit your profile are going to be able to find out more about your business.

This is also going to give you a lot of options you won’t find on a personal account.

Like having analytics and being able to create ads.

So if you don’t have one, go get it now, you’ll be grateful!

Create Boards

After you create an account, you need to make boards.

Click on create a board and just enter a name for it.

You have the option to make it secret. This means that you will be the only one who can see it.

Nobody else will be able to see the pins in this board.


Pinterest Boards


Board names should represent things related to your blog.

Keeping them organized is good for yourself as well as your followers.

Now, I made a board called Best of which contains only pins from my blog.

I don’t save other pins to this board.


Pinterest boards


All other boards I save pins from other people.

You want to be pinning every day.

Some of your own as well as other related pins.

I have seen a few reviews that say the best amount is around 72 pins a day.

Bet your eyes got big on that one! I know.

Now, I don’t pin anywhere near this amount right now.

But I have noticed that I do better when I am doing it on a daily basis.

And you can always use apps to help schedule too, such as Tailwind.

When scheduling, make sure to still do manual pinning also.


Add Pins

Now you are going to want to create pins for every post you make. Not sure what a pin is?

Well, a Pinterest Pin is an image with a description of your post.

It’s the picture you find when you enter a search term.


Pinterest Dashboard


You’ll also and a link to your pin that leads back to your website.

So when someone clicks that link they can go read your post.

You create these pins and put them in a board within your Pinterest account.

When you click on create a pin, it will bring this up.


Pinterest pin


As you can see, you can either add a pin from a file or upload one you already have on your website.

Now you just need to add a title and a description of your post.

Enter the URL of your post if you didn’t add it from your site.

And finally, just choose which board you want to save it to.

There you go, you created your first pin.

All of your followers will see your pin now.

And they have the chance to pin them to their own board.

Which is called repining.

They are now in front of their followers and they have the chance to repin as well.

Are you starting to get the picture?

This will help you put your post in front of a lot bigger audience.

Therefore, giving you a chance to gain more traffic.


gain traffic

Pins that Pop

Make sure that you are adding a good description to them as well.

Explain in a little detail what they are going to get from your post after choosing your link.

You’re definitely gonna want others to repin your content. So make sure that you create pins that pop.

You only have a few seconds to grab someones attention before they scroll on by.

There are a few different options you can use to design your pins. Here are my two favorites.


The first program I will recommend is Canva. I love this tool.

And it is also free to use. How great is that?

Now they do offer a paid upgrade if you would be interested.

But I think the free version gives me enough options for it to be very useful.

There are many free templates to choose from.

You are even able to upload your own pictures to use as well.

I highly recommend you give Canva a try.


The other tool that I recommend for design is PicMonkey.

While they are not free, they do offer a free seven-day trial.

You then have to pay to keep using it.

But their cheapest plan stars out at $5.99/month. So it is pretty inexpensive.

Since I don’t have much of a budget right now I choose to use a free option.

I did use them for a couple of months though, and I do highly recommend them as well.

They have tons of options to choose from.

And one thing different about PicMonkey is the effects that you can add.

You can create fancier designs in PicMonkey compared to free options I have used.

I would suggest to give it a try. Check out the free trial and see what you think.


Graphic design templates sized just for social. Take PicMonkey's ad-vice.



Good Content and Lots of it!

Create more than one pin per post. This will give you a higher chance to gain traffic.

You should at least start out with 2 or 3 pins for every post you write.

Use different pictures or change the wording on each one.

Then you can see what design gets more attention.

Just make sure your pin represents what your post is about.

Don’t say that it’s a 20 list post, and only offer 10.

Or make someone sign up for the other 10.

I personally feel like that is deceptive. Give me what you say you’re going to!

Nobody wants to repin something that is misleading.

This is going to help build trust with your readers also.

And if you have a bunch of good content people keep coming back.

Another thing to look out for is bad links.

I know that I always go through the link and check out a website before I will repin it.

That way I know for sure it’s not a bad link. And that it is what it’s supposed to be.

If you have it on your board it’s like your promoting it.

You don’t want to promote a bad post.

Now I know that a link could possibly go bad after being repinned, shit happens!

But at least I know I didn’t put it there that way.



Using Tailwind is a great way to stay engaged on Pinterest.

If you haven’t heard of it, Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.

Even though it’s best to also pin manually, it takes time.

We all know there are not enough hours in a day.

Nobody has enough time, we are all busy.

So scheduling them can really help save time, and keep you engaged.

I love using Tailwind.

You can try them out for free.

This will let you schedule 100 pins on Pinterest.

Go ahead and get your FREE TRIAL HERE.

You can also check out my post called Grow your blog using Tailwind.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Pinteresting strategies course

If you needing more help learning how to use Pinterest, it may be helpful for you to take a course.

I know a lot of people like detailed step by step instructions.

And there is a lot that goes into learning how to use an entire app properly.

If you are interested in learning strategies from a highly successful blogger,

I highly recommend taking the Pinteresting Strategies Course.

It is a Blogging Like We Mean It course created by Carly; Mommy On Purpose.

In case you’re wondering what all is included, just let me tell ya.

This course contains 27 lessons.

She tells you the strategies that she used to become successful on Pinterest.

You won’t just be hoping that your pins work, you will learn exactly how to make them work.

She covers everything from setting up your Pinterest account to making your pins successful.

And since she was getting over 100 thousand page views after just 3 months of starting Pinterest,

I think it’s pretty safe to say that she knows what she’s doing!

So don’t miss your chance to take this course and get on the fast track to success.


Final Thoughts

Now, there are many ways you can gain traffic.

This is just one way you can help.

Check out my Nine Ways To Increase Traffic here if you need some more options.

I will say that you don’t need to try everything at once though.

You can become overwhelmed very easily.

It’s best to work on a couple of things at a time.

Don’t take on too much thinking that you have to do it all right now.

If one thing doesn’t work, then give something else a try.

There’s enough stress when starting out.

Your putting in a lot of work and time.

And you’re ready to see results. I understand.

Just don’t push yourself too hard. Give yourself a break.

As long as you are actually trying and you don’t give up, You’ll get there!

I hope this post (and all my othersâ˜ș) has been of some help.

Feel free to offer feedback!


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