Grow your blog using Tailwind
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Grow Your Blog Using Tailwind

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Grow Your Blog Using Tailwind


Do you have a blog and need to help it grow?

Yeah, I thought so.

Then you have got to give Tailwind a try!

If you’re not using Tailwind, you are missing out.


Tailwind for Pinterest

First off, you need to have a business Pinterest account.

Pinterest is the number one tool for many bloggers.

In case your not using it yet, you can check out Gain More Traffic Using Pinterest here.

Next thing to do is join Tailwind.

You can start off with a FREE TRIAL RIGHT HERE!

What is Tailwind?

If you’re not sure what Tailwind is, then let me explain.

Tailwind is a scheduling app for your social media posts.

It can be used for Pinterest, Instagram, now Facebook and Twitter.

I mainly use it for Pinterest.

But, that’s the social media I am most engaged on.

Tailwind is a great way to automate your pins.

I know they like for you to still pin manually.

Which I do try and do. But let’s face it. We get busy.

There’s a lot of work to do.

With Tailwind you can make sure that you have some involvement on a daily basis.

You can scheduleĀ a whole weeks worth of pins in a very short time.

I recommend installing the extension, it makes it evenĀ easier to schedule pins.


Tailwind Extension


They let you set an exact date and time for your pins to beĀ posted.

And even better, they will recommend the best times for you to schedule.

It will show you when your audience will be more engaged.

Pinning at these times will giveĀ them a better chance of being seen and repinned.




They even offer analytics on your pins.

You can even find out which boards you get the most engagement on.


Grow your blog using Tailwind


Get A Free Trial

They offer analytics so you are able to see what’s working best.

You can start with a free trial and schedule 100 pins on Pinterest and 30 Instagram posts.

It’s also really affordable if you decide that you like it.

So, don’t worry about it being too expensive.

If you’re like me, I’m on a tight budget right now. I need cheap!

With the monthly plan, you can schedule 400 posts a month.

And if you decide to pay yearly you can get a discount and unlimited scheduling.

It’s really easy to use too.

When you sign up they offer aĀ  free mastering Tailwind video to help you out.


Tailwind Video


I think Tailwind is a really great tool to have.

If you can get your FREE Trial Here.


Tailwind Tribes

This is something else you are gonna want to join.

Tribes are great for getting your pins in front of a bigger audience.

It’s kindaĀ like Pinterest groups. You join a tribeĀ and share pins.

They do have rules like other groups. Make sure to follow them.

Rules are usually about keeping pins relative and things like that.

Pretty simple. There is always one for how many pins you need to share when adding your own.

These are usually 1:1 or 1:2. Some tribes want you to share 2 of other members when adding 1 of yours.

Tribe owners can also see how much you share, so not following the rules will get you kicked out.

For instance, Here are the rules for my tribe:


Tailwind Tribe Rules


Join my Blog Building Tribe here.

You can always see the rules of each tribe before you join it.

They even let you have a peek of the tribe’s content first.

It’s only like the first 10 pins, but you see the kind of content and make sure it’s relevant to you.

I thought this was pretty cool.

Now, some tribes have thousands of members and others only have a few.

Though you would think the bigger the better, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes one with smaller members will be more active than larger ones.

You may have a bigger chance of getting yourĀ pins shared with a smaller tribe.

What I did, was join a couple of each. And I actually had pins shared from both.

So, I can’t really say what’s best.

When you start off with Tailwind you are able to join 5 tribes and add 30 pins a month.

You can even create your own tribe, and those don’t count toward your five.

The first 20 pins don’t count either.

I have a new tribe myself if you want to join you can add free pins right now.

By joining my tribe you will also get a free month of Tailwind Plus!

Tribes are free for anyone to get started, even if your not a Tailwind member already.

You can join my Blog Building TribeĀ here.Ā 

Hope to see ya there and help our blogs grow together!


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