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Join My Making Money Challenge

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Have you decided that you are ready to start a blog of your own?

Do you want to have your own business and be your own boss?

Alright then,

It’s Time!

It's Time To Join My Making Money Challenge

Join Me In

My Making Money Challenge!

That is wonderful. I am so happy for you to experience this with me.

If your not ready yet and your just looking for more info on it, that’s great too.

Just keep on reading.

Or you can find out more about my making money challenge here.

Maybe you want to know the meaning behind when I say to “join me”.

Well, let me tell you!

What it means to join my challenge

Join My Making Money Challenge

  • #1 Just Being Nosy

Does anyone out there like to be nosy? I’ll admit that I do.
Joining my making money challenge may flat out mean you being nosy. That’s okay!
We all like keeping up with what someone else is doing. You can join me by just reading my posts.
I am simply asking you to follow me on my journey to see how I am progressing.
Now you know your gonna want too check back and see how long it takes me to succeed.
Go ahead and sign up for my email. I’ll send updates through sometimes.

  • #2 Starting a blog

Or maybe you would like to join me in my challenge by creating your own blog.
You’re tired of the struggle to and you want to make a change.
If you are just starting out I’ll be writing posts on how I started mine.
Kind of a guideline on how you can start your own.
I’m gonna try to give pretty detailed info on what to do.
Some of the things I have read were not much help.
Not all of it, or you wouldn’t be reading this, but some of it.
One thing is for sure, the people I trust the most were very in depth.
I want to help show others how to get started on creating their own amazing journey.
Just like me πŸ™‚

  • #3 Your opinion/knowledge

Now I know that everyone out there has an opinion! Maybe you want to share yours.
You can join me by just giving me your opinion. Encouragement is always helpful.
Or maybe you have some knowledge you wish to give.
That would be great too! I know I am gonna need some help.
And I am always looking for improvement (of course).
That works both ways also. You may be looking for some advice.
Do you need a second opinion?
Sometimes you need another point of view.
See..there may be something I am able to help you with too.

  • #4 Communication

Joining me could also mean having someone to connect with.
Whether you are looking to get started, already successful, or somewhere in the middle (like me),
It’s always good to communicate with others that are on the same road.
Honestly, it could be just sharing stories about our journey. πŸ™‚
There is no main definition for joining me. It could be different for everyone.
So now that you know a bit more what I mean…
Are you ready to join me in My Making Money Challenge?
I know you just said YES! Go ahead and shoot me an email!

Okay now this next section is going to be my two cents
if you are thinking about starting your own business/blogging journey.
Here are some things you need to consider before taking that first step.

My Two Cents

  • #1 Be Serious About It

You have to really be serious about wanting to make that first move.
Make sure it’s something you really want to do.
If you are not going into it with the full intention of making it work,
It probably won’t.
Working from home does not mean it’s not a regular job.
This is like a regular job (maybe worse). It is your business!
Blogging is very time-consuming.
If I am not working on it…I am thinking about it.
Seriously, I live and breathe my blog right now!

  • #2 It’s Hard

It’s definitely not easy just because you work from home either.
I’m sure it will get to be easier as I more so get the hang of things.
Probably not less work, just not as hard.
Since I started without knowing anything about it (literally nothing), it has been hard for me.
Sometimes I have to just take a break it’s like…
Brain on overload!

  • #3 Work Work Work

Finally, Remember that starting your own business is a lot of work.
Do not think that you are going to write a post and magically start making money.
It ain’t gonna happen!
You have to put lots of time and work into it.
Even then, there is no guarantee that you will make a living from it.
This is most certainly not a get rich quick scheme or only work a couple hours a day thing.
You have to work for it!

Join Me In My Making Money Challenge Pin

  • Don’t get scared off now

I certainly am not trying to talk anyone out of it though…Absolutely not!
But you should know what your getting yourself into.

What I’m trying to do is talk you into it.
Yea I know…your thinking it sure don’t sound like it. But I really am!

I really do enjoy what I am doing.
The fact that I am creating my own business and can do it however I want is awesome.
Not having to answer to anyone!
Being my own boss and in control of my own destiny is amazing.
I love that I am working towards building a better life and a fascinating future.

  • Join My making Money Challenge

Are you fond of reading and writing?
Do you enjoy learning about new things?
How about communicating with others who have the same interests.
Those are some of the things I like about blogging.
And I love helping other people out and that feeling of knowing what you created was useful to someone.
It is something to be proud of. You’ll want to tell everyone.
You created it and you want to show it off.

Join me now in my making money challenge!

Making Money Grow

Let’s Make Money Grow!

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