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Monetize Your Content

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When creating content, many people get stuck in publishing mode.

You may not monetize your content.

Because content is supposed to help you grow your business.

You work hard on trying to just keep getting it out there.


While it can definitely help your business grow.

And great content is very important.

It can’t grow your business as well without a monetization strategy.

You must Monetize Your Content.


Monetize Your Content


Of course, most business owners know this.

But we sometimes forget to use this knowledge.

Or maybe we just get lazy.

It’s a lot more work trying to find the perfect strategy.

And some of us just may just try to get it published thinking we will go back and monetize later.

Then we forget.


Now with that in mind,

Here is your reminder:

Monetize Your Content

Go monetize your content!

It really is the most important thing to grow your business quicker.

You won’t make any money if you don’t have a way.

This is why a lot of solopreneurs hire someone to write content for them.

Then they will monetize it themselves.

So whether you hire a writer, use PLR, or have some great authors, get some help.

The more help you can get with content creation the more you can focus on monetizing.


Monetize Carefully

Not sure how to monetize your content?

It needs to be done carefully.

You certainly don’t want to just shove a ton of affiliate links and ads into your content.

It needs to be much more strategic.

Each post should have its own monetization plan.

The more relevant you can get it to each post, the more likely you will be to benefit from it.


Do you need some ideas?

The following will give you some ideas of plans to include in your monetization strategy.

Monetize Your Content


8 Monetization Ideas


Give some of these ideas a try

  • #1. Use free opt-ins to get subscribers on your mailing list.

Subscribers are more likely to become a customer than one-time visitors. Get them to subscribe.

  • #2. Add promotions and freebies that are relevant to each piece.

Or include an affiliate link.

  • #3. Include ads that are relevant to your content.

This will give you a higher click-through rate. You can use ad networks like Google Adsense and

  • #4. Invite someone that comments to subscribe.

If they left a comment, they are highly engaged.

  • #5. Sell advertising space on your website.

You worked hard on traffic, lease audience to advertisers.

  • #6. Offer content as a bonus to someone else’s product.

You need to include a product or opt-in offer inside that bonus too.

  • #7. License your content.

You can give free publishing rights with a promotion or sell private label rights.

  • #8. Guest posting on a high traffic blog.

Include information about your mailing list.


Use some of those ideas to get the ideas flowing.

It will become easier to come up with topics the more you think about monetization.

Get it written.

Then get it monetized.

Now get it out there.


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