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My Blogger Recognition Award

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My Blogger Recognition Award Nomination

Blogger Recognition Award
I made this award so feel free to use it on your own blog.


I am so happy to announce that I have been chosen for the Blogger Recognition Award.

This is my first award for this blog and I am so excited.

It’s an honor knowing that another blogger appreciates my work.

So, without further ado, my nomination was from Ray at The Ray Journey.

Here is her Blogger Recognition Award.

I would like to give her a huge THANK YOU!

Ray is like me and still kinda new to the blogging world.

The Ray Journey was started as a challenge to herself.

She wants to become her own boss and achieve financial freedom in a year.

Or at least get a really good start on it!

She still has 7 months left to continue working on her goal. And I wish her the best of luck.

Ray uses her blog as a way to document her journey and share some tips and experiences as she goes.

I highly recommend you take a minute, go check it out, and follow her journey. You’ll find some great info.

Thanks again, Ray.

About the Award

The Blogger’s Recognition Award is an award made of nominations by bloggers for other bloggers.

It’s a way to encourage and support all of the hard work, time, and effort that goes into this blogging life.

It creates a chain of recommendations for bloggers who deserve to be followed.

This award helps us to motivate one another as well.

Plus, it’s a great way for our readers to learn about other amazing blogs.


Award Rules

Write a post displaying your award.

Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Give a brief story of how your blog started.

Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

Nominate 15 bloggers who you believe deserve to be recognized.

Let the nominees know they have been nominated.

How My Blog Started

I started my blog as a way to try and earn an extra income.

As a stay-at-home mom, we have never had very much income.

I have always wanted to work from home, and without a lot of skills, I don’t really qualify for a lot of jobs.

So, once again I was looking up ways to make money from home.

That’s when I stumbled upon Scrivs at Dare to Conquer.

I was really inspired and it just hit me that this is what I should be doing.

I love to read and write, so why not give it a try and share my experience as I go.

It would be amazing if I was able to earn a passive income and become financially stable.

I’m not talking about becoming rich, although I wouldn’t complain.

But, my dream is to at least earn enough to not struggle.

I want to be in a place where money is not a worry anymore.

Now, I knew I wasn’t going to make it big right off the bat and I didn’t pick the best topic.

Everyone talks bad about the blogging about blogging niche.

But, I was really motivated and felt like this was “IT”. It’s like it was meant to be.

So I decided to take a chance.

While I am certainly nowhere near earning a passive income, I have managed to make a little over $100.

That’s definitely a start. I am now on my 8th month of blogging.

And while it’s still a struggle, I really do love it. I even went on and created a lifestyle blog too.

I wanted to keep this one more for business, but still be able to share more personal stories.

You can find it at Hearts and Houseshoes.

Blogger Recognition Award

Two Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers

1. Be Patient

My first piece of advice is to remain patient. I know that’s easier said than done.

We all want everything right now.

But, it takes a lot of time to build up a blog and a following.

It’s a lot of work.

I truly feel that if you really enjoy it and you stick with it, your hard work will eventually pay off.

2. Promote

In order to make it, people have to find you. You don’t create a post and automatically receive a ton of traffic.

I recommend using social media. Things like Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Choose your favorite one, or use them all. Just remember it’s a lot of work trying to manage all of them.

Believe me, I know! I use all of them on each of my blogs, that’s 8 social media sites.

Yeah, Whew! I’m not as consistent as I should be though, because I have so much going on.

And I feel different things have worked better for each one.

So, it’s really about finding the best one for you.

Just make sure you get out there somewhere and promote, promote, promote.

Hang in there and best of luck!

Blogger Recognition Award

Here are My Nominees

 The Wellbeing Blogger – Vanessa  – @TheWblogger

Prayer Passports – Grace – @PrayerPassports

Cristina Journal – Cristina – @cristinajournal

Unapologetically You – Britt – @UnapYouBlog

Digital Butterfly – Nikki – @DgtlButterfly

Boss Babe Chronicles Blog – Miriam – @thebossbabeblog

Steph Social – Stephanie – @stephaniesisler

Full Circle Digital – Yolanda – @fullcircledig

Zenspired Lifestyle – Cara – @ZenspiredBlog

A Hood Life – Steve & Ashley – @ahoodlife

Creatively Lauren – Lauren – @creativlylauren

Women Undefined – Dayma Garcia -@GarciaDayma

Little Blog of Positivity – Allison – @alisonw30

Sweet and Simple Life – Cate – @simplycaterose

Madi Dearson – Madi – @MadiDearson


Congratulations everyone! 

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  1. Thank you so much Kendra! You’re a very deserving nominee 🙂 great job!

    1. Kendra says:

      Your welcome Stephanie! 🎖
      Thank you! 😊

  2. Madi Dearson says:

    Congratulations Kendra! I loved reading about how you started blogging. I can completely relate to your journey as a work from home myself. I love scrivs work, he is so motivating. Your tips are spot on. Being consistent with social media is the one thing I struggle with the most. Thank you so much for nominating me. It means so much.

    1. Kendra says:

      Thank you so much! I loved reading Scrivs work, wish I could have joined his class. I definitely understand your struggle. There is never enough hours in the day, that’s for sure! And as for your nomination, you are very welcome. You totally deserve it!

  3. Congratulations, boss lady! It pays off to have such an amazing blog and content! Thank you for your kind nomination, super honoured!

    1. Kendra says:

      Aww, Thank you and you are very welcome. You definitely deserve it!

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