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Have you ever wanted to make money right from the comfort of your own home?

Do you want to have financial freedom?

I know I sure do, and I am going to make it happen!

Let’s face it, you can’t make it on the income of an average job anymore.

The struggle is real…and I’m tired of struggling!

While looking for ways to make money from home I found a ton of different information. But then I found a bunch of people saying that they were earning a good income from blogging. And so I did some research and decided this was just what I had been looking for. For years I have wanted a legit work at home job. So now I am making it happen.


Making money challenge


You can too. Join me on my journey to achieve my goal of becoming financially stable.

I have done tons of research and I am following guides on how it’s done. Now I want to share it all with you!


Follow me in my making money challenge!

Come on! You know you want to!


So your thinking why should I follow her or listen to what she has to say.
She’s just a stay at home mom. She’s not rich.
She sure isn’t an expert. How is she going to help me?

Why Follow Me

Well, I will tell you how.
It’s because I am going to share all the things that I am learning with you.
Not just the good stuff either.
I’ll also be sharing my mistakes with you.

  • It may just keep you from making a mistake.

I know I have said that I went into this not knowing anything. That was when I read that very first post.
Since then I have done tons of research. Spent countless hours reading other posts and opinions.
Searching and searching for the best way to make this work.
I’ve also done some webinars and took part in some courses.
So when I say I didn’t know anything that was way before I even purchased my site.
It’s not like I just decided to go for it and started writing posts.
I definitely am not going into this blindfolded.

  • I mean business

Now, when I say I am learning as I go, that is because each step is a learning process.
Someone telling you how to, and you actually doing it, are two different things.
You always learn more when doing it yourself. And there is always room for improvement.
Of course, I want to succeed for myself, but I want to do it for you too.
It would be incredible to have someone read my story and see me as an inspiration.
You don’t get that from half-assing it.
Giving it my all..That’s what I am doing.

So are you ready to join me in my making money challenge?


Still not convinced this is for you?

Let me share with you a few things I tried before I decided this was what I wanted to do.

Why Choose This

Let me start by telling you there are a lot of things out there that claim you can make money online.
I have even tried a few other ways. But, let me tell you..
Half of it is either just a scam or a flat out joke.

  • 1. Surveys

One way I tried was taking surveys.
There are so many that claim this is a legitimate way to make money from home.
Now maybe there are good ones out there, but I sure haven’t found any. Believe me, I tried.
First off, they take forever to make a few cents, and I do mean cents.
Very rarely do they even pay dollars!
You spend all this time looking for the right ones and telling them all about your life.
Then there are some that say you don’t even qualify…After you gave them your info.
So it was all for nothing anyway!

  • It was a waste of time.

I have spent hours trying out different ones.
Most of them require you to earn a certain amount before you can even cash out.
You supposedly earned this money and you can’t even get it.
Remember I said cents, imagine how long it takes to make $50.
Yeah…exactly. I never did cash out on them.
They got my money and my info!

  • 2. Apps

Another thing I tried was money saving apps.
There are an endless amount of these too.
Tons of recommendations on them.
I just don’t understand how those can even end up in the making money from home category.
Now granted these can be a good way to save money, the keyword is save.
You are not making money!
I want to make money.
Besides, what’s up with all of these apps anyway.
There is literally no room on my phone for anything,
because everything needs an app nowadays.

  • A bit of advice

That’s a couple of things I have tried that didn’t work out so well.
If you are thinking about trying one of those to make money, good luck to you.
I do not recommend them. That’s my advice.
Maybe that right there is the first mistake I kept you from making.
See, I can be of some help.

Gotta work for it

Now I am not gonna lie, creating a blog does take a lot of effort. It is a ton of work.
All of those things that say you can start one in half an hour are full of crap.
It will be an investment of your time and a little money, if you want to do it right.
But, you are creating a business.

You don’t have to put much in, if you don’t want to get much out.
It is just like having a job. A job that you do from home when you want and how you want.

As of right now I am laying in bed typing on my computer. That is awesome!

I know, ordinary people have a designated area where they work from home with everything organized.
You always see all these beautiful pics of their work area. That would be nice too.

Just be yourself

It’s just that I am not your ordinary person.
I’ll admit I am a little crazy.
You may find that out after reading my work.
That’s the thing though, anybody can do this.
There are all different kinds.
What works for one may not work for another.
Just because I am doing this does not mean you will.
It’s not for everyone. but it could be for you!

So, if you decide you are tired of struggling to pay the bills,
Robbing Peter to pay Paul,
Or you just need to make a change and try something new.
You know where to find me! That’s Right! I’ll be right here making money!


Making Money Challenge


The reason for me starting this challenge was mainly because I need more money.
And I want to help others make some money too.
I want to find out just how much I am capable of making from starting this business.

Most importantly, I want a better life for me and my family than what we have now.
And I know if I don’t work toward that it will never happen.
So I am working my ass off.

Prove you can do it!

I am gonna prove that I can do this to all those that say I won’t.
Do you have a point to prove too?
Have you decided that you want to join me in My Making Money Challenge?
If your not ready yet, you can simply follow me on social media.
Or sign up for my email, and keep up to date with my progress.

The first step in my challenge is just putting yourself out there.

So here I am!

It’s like I’m lost and hoping to be found!

Do you want to keep living the life you have now or would you like to join me in this challenge?

Yea..come on! Let’s make some money!



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