New Year Business Evaluation
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New Year Business Evaluation

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New Year Business Evaluation

With a new year comes new hopes and dreams.

The best way to succeed in the new year is to evaluate last years accomplishments.

Use this guide to do a new year business evaluation.

Find out what worked and what didn’t.

I’ll go over each step so you can come up with a successful business plan for the new year.

It’s broken up into 5 parts.

Let’s get started with part 1.

1. Getting Ready For Your New Year Business Evaluation

Well, it’s upon us.  It’s a new year.

This is a time to move forward with new goals.

But before you move forward you must look back and evaluate last year.

By taking the time to reflect upon last year you can gain insights to help you achieve your new goals.

You must approach this evaluation with a certain attitude though.

You’ll want to make sure that you are not using this time to beat yourself up.

Don’t Shame Yourself

This is not about fixating on failed projects or making harsh judgements.

Don’t shame yourself for your past mistakes you won’t gain anything from it.

Instead, you want to focus on using this to help you learn and move forward.

You should be looking for patterns and trends that affected your goals.

New Year Business Evaluation Part 3

Think of it as doing a review for a friend.

Don’t judge, just look for the best recommendations.

If you can detach yourself from this process, you’ll gain more from it.

Choose a Quiet Space

First, make sure that you do this at a calm and quiet time.

Don’t attempt this while trying to cook dinner or taking care of the kids.

You’ll be too distracted to evaluate properly.

This may cause you to miss important realizations.

When it comes time to do this evaluation, find a quiet space.

Some people find that it helps to play some soft instrumental music.

You may find that you need a little bit of noise.

It can help you to relax and get in the right frame of mind.

Just do whatever works best for you. Each person is different.

Nobody knows how you work better than yourself.

Limit Distractions

Next, it’s probably best if you silence your phone.

You don’t want a bunch of interruptions from social media.

The constant dinging of your phone will be very distracting.

And once you become distracted, it’s hard to get back on track.

Plus, how often can you just check your phone and be done in 2 minutes.

You know as well as I do that it will soon be an hour later and you have nothing accomplished.

Best Time Of Day

The time of day can also be an important factor.

If you’re a morning person, don’t do your review at the end of the day.

You may find that you’re too exhausted to give it your full attention.

Schedule a time to do this review.

And make sure that it’s during a time you’ll feel alert and energized.

Again, you know what the best time to choose will be.

New Year Business Evaluation

Break It Up

And finally, keep in mind that you can break this up if you need to.

Maybe you only have time here and there.

Then, schedule to do small chunks at a time.

Remember, you don’t have to dedicate 5 hours out of your day to do this project.

Break it up into smaller sections instead.

You’ll find this may be the best way to go anyway.

You don’t want to get burnt out while you’re doing it.

Many people find that one-hour sessions work best for them.

That will give you plenty of time without making you feel overwhelmed.

This article is broken up into four more parts.

It may be easiest to schedule out each piece.

Get Help

If you find that doing your own evaluation is too complicated, you may need to get some help.

Try getting a coach if it’s too difficult.

A coach could help you approach this review with a positive attitude.

The guidance of a coach can also help you identify the lessons you should have learned in the past 365 days.

Good luck. Have fun with this and go into it with a positive attitude.

I hope you are able to learn a lot from last year and use that insight to achieve your goals for the new year.


You are finished with part one. Way to go.

Now, when you’re ready you can move on to part 2.

2. Finding Out What Worked

Alright, it’s time to start your review and look back at your year.

Remember to make sure that you are going into this with a positive attitude.

It’s time to look back at your year.

Approaching your review with a positive attitude is important.

Because it helps you to see your accomplishments clearly.


New Year Business Evaluation

If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start your new year business evaluation,

consider asking yourself these questions.


Did You Outsource Or Use Schedulers?

First, let’s take a look and see what saved you time.

Did you outsource anything?

This could have been any tasks like bookkeeping or content creation.

Take a look at these and see how they helped your productivity.

You may have also saved some time with systems that handled your work more effectively.

For example; a coach may use an online scheduler that allows clients to book appointments.

Instead of scheduling every appointment themselves, they were able to devote that time to more important tasks.

Take a look at how these may have helped.

What made you that money?

Next, you want to examine the different branches of your business.

See which ones made you the most money.

Did a new product bring you a flood of new customers?

Was there another big income generator?

It’s important to know which activities are making you money.

You sure don’t want to invest in a new task that’s not going to grow your business.

That’s no way to approach your New Year.

New Year Business Evaluation Part 2

What made you happy?

Now let’s evaluate the year’s projects in a different light.

Focus on the ones that made you happy.

Ask yourself what about these projects made you happy.

Did you learn a new skill or discover a new talent?

Whatever the reason may be, be sure to write it down for future reference.

Did you develop any new relationships?

Growing good relationships help you grow your online community.

Maybe you became friends with another business owner.

Can you partner with them later?

Do you have any happy customers that could beta test a new product?

Make a list of these new relationships and why they matter to you.

Did you have a positive breakthrough and improve your mindset?

Be sure to reflect on your mindset as you evaluate your year.

Is it different now?

Maybe you experienced a mindset breakthrough that changed the direction of your life.

Or did you invest in learning more about mindset and how it affects your business?


Think of this twelve-month review like this.

It’s a great way to dig up your past.

Who knows, maybe you will find a golden nugget that will help you in the coming year.


You’re making some great progress.

Let’s move on to part 3.

3. Figure Out What Didn’t Work

Okay, so we dove into the past year.

We found the positive moments.

You celebrated wins, embraced favorite projects, and found out what made you some money.

But, now it’s time to have a look and discover what didn’t work.

In this part of your evaluation, keep in mind that you’re not judging yourself.

You are only judging the projects.

You are not a failure because a project failed.

Remember we want to learn from our mistakes.

And it takes mistakes to grow.

New Year Business Evaluation

What failed?

First off, did you try something new that didn’t work out?

Maybe you had an e-book that only sold a couple copies.

Or you could have launched a project that nobody seemed interested in.

If you had a failed project, you need to identify why it failed.

Did you market it well enough? Maybe you listen to the needs of your viewers.

Acknowledging your failure is the first step in the learning process.

What cost you money but had the least return in profits?

Every project requires attention from you.

Are you nurturing any dying projects?

Maybe you’re still trying to get traffic to a blog after years.

Are you still updating a course that no one is buying?

You must examine what projects are sucking time and money from your business.

Is there another branch of your business that’s doing better?

Could you benefit from giving it more time and attention?

What did you dread?

You almost always have one or two tasks you don’t enjoy doing.

Maybe you hate designing graphics or coming up with new content.

Make a list of these.

See if you can outsource any of those projects.

Do you have people around that aren’t a good match?

Not everyone is going to be a good match.

Are you partnered up with someone who’s headed in a different direction now?

Maybe you have a client that you don’t seem to click with.

It doesn’t matter what relationship it is,

consider why you don’t like working with this person and what you can do about it.

You may need to let go of that partner or client and find a new one.

New Year Business Evaluation Part 1
You are Human

Remember that you are more than just your ideas.

You are a human being on a journey to reach your dreams.

Approach this part of the evaluation with this in mind.

And you’ll be able to learn as much from your failures as you have from your successes.



Awesome! Only two sections left.

Here is part 4.


4. What Goals Didn’t Work?

Alright, in this part, let’s think back to the beginning of last year.

I’m sure you were probably hopeful.

You thought that it would be the year you would finally succeed.

And you were more than likely determined to accomplish your goals no matter what.

But, no matter how hard you worked, some things just didn’t happen.

Now, it’s time to examine why you didn’t meet some of your goals and just what you can do about it.

New Year Business Evaluation

What goals did you not achieve?

First, let’s make a list of the goals you did not achieve.

Did you set some big income goal?

Or did you want to publish a book that never made it?

Maybe you were you looking for someone new to partner with.

Which goals were you enthusiastic about?

After listing the goals you didn’t achieve, review the goals that you accomplished last year.

What made certain ones stand out for you?

Did you prioritize some goals over others?

If you could do the year over, would you choose the same priorities?

Did you have some fake goals?

Was this an important goal?

Now, before you go any further, look over your list of failed goals.

Did you really want to meet that goal?

Or did you feel pressured to add it to your list?

For example, maybe a lot of your friends started a weight loss program.

So you set a lose weight goal because you didn’t want to be left out.

Remember this, it’s OK to let go of goals that are not important to you.

It’s actually best to do so.

By letting go of these goals, you can pursue the goals that really matter to you.

And you have a better chance at achieving them.

New Year Business Evaluation What caused you to not put your full effort into a goal?

Since you let go of goals you didn’t care about,

let’s look at why you didn’t give your full effort to the remaining goals.

Maybe you were overwhelmed and not sure where to start.

Were you afraid of how it may change your life?

Now, be honest with yourself about why you didn’t accomplish these goals.

Remember it’s easy to write a big goal down.

The hard part is to break it down into actionable steps.

Maybe you could use the help of a good business coach or a trusted mentor.

Once you’ve completed this step, you’re going to look at this new year.

And now you’re ready to come up with fresh dreams for the future that you can accomplish.


Are you excited to finish this up?

Finalize your evaluation with part 5.

5. Create A Foundation For An Awesome New Year

Alright, so you spent some time carefully evaluating your last year.

You’ve dug through the previous year and learned valuable lessons.

You also found what could be trouble areas.

Now, it’s time to tackle planning your new year.

Don’t Do The Same Thing Over

Now I understand that this is the exciting phase.

And you may be tempted to set the same goals.

You may tell yourself that you’ll really do it this time.

Don’t keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different outcome.

You want to start off with a new plan, so you don’t end up with the same results.

You may find it helpful to build a plan.

Then use it to guide you based on what you learned during this evaluation.

New Year Business Evaluation

Keep up what worked.

If you followed through this guide,

then you know what projects you enjoyed and what worked well.

So, now for this year let’s focus on what you liked about those projects.

You want to try and re-create that feeling in your new projects.

For example, maybe you loved making videos last year.

Then you want to incorporate more videos into your business this year.

Perhaps, even add videos to an existing course and convert it into a new video course.

Don’t do what you dread.

Your projects should give you a sense of pride.

They should light you up and make you shine.

Find ways to do less of the projects that you hated.

The projects you work on should light you up.

They should make you shine and give you a sense of pride.

If you have projects from the last year that you hated, look at ways you can do less of them.

Maybe you found you don’t enjoy group coaching as well as one-on-one.

Then aim to move away from those services and products you don’t enjoy.

New Year Business Evaluation Part 2Do more of what made the money.

Let’s look at what made you the most profit last year.

Usually, these are the ones that you enjoyed the most.

The ones you were passionate about.

You want to fill this new year with more of those.

Of course, you want projects that will make you money.

Do less of what sucked time and money.

Now, sometimes we will work on a project because we think we have to.

Maybe you started offering a service because you needed the experience in the beginning.

Or you may have tried one of those best ways to make money deals.

Whatever the reason, learn to let go of those projects that suck your time, money, and your joy.

For instance, if you’re still offering a course that doesn’t fit with your business anymore, set an end date.

Then let your customers know.

Explain to them that you won’t be offering this product, course, or service after this certain date.

Hire A Coach

Try giving yourself, and your business, a great gift by hiring a coach.

Pick one that has achieved success in the same business as you.

And for the best fit, find a coach that shares your same life values.

Look around and find one with good recommendations.

If you’re in Facebook groups, this can be a great place to ask for suggestions.


Hope this helped.

Best of luck on making this year awesome.



New Year Business Evaluation

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