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Pinterest Communities the New Social Scene

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Pinterest Communities are the New Social Scene


Have you heard the rumors about Pinterest communities?

Well, they are true! We now have another great resource in Pinterest.

Do you want to know more about them and why you should join one?

Alright then! Let me tell you what I know about them.


Getting Social

Of course, you know that up until now, Pinterest has not really been a social site.

They were more like a search engine with pictures.

I’m sure that you have probably heard this a thousand times before.

Every blogger who talks about using Pinterest will tell you this, including me.

But with this new feature, they are trying to get on board with the social aspect.

You can start discussions, comment, and leave links or pins.


Pinterest Communities

So what is Pinterest Communities?

Well, as you now know, communities are the new big thing in Pinterest.

It’s a great new place to interact with others from your niche.

Now, I know your thinking they already have groups.

Which they do. But, communities are going to be more for socializing.

While groups are more for promotion, communities are more for interaction.



Why join?

It’s a great way to engage with others in the same niche.

Although you can add pins, they’re not meant for promotion.

If someone has a problem and you can help, then you can leave a link or pin.

So they can give you an opportunity to promote your services where relevant.

But that’s not the main purpose.

Now, I’m not sure that’s how they are being used.

I’ve seen somewhere they are dropping an awful lot of pins.

I just heard that Pinterest won’t allow a lot of this.

Just be careful, engage as well as promote.

Communities are going to be the go-to place for a problem.

Simply ask a question. Maybe find out what a certain audience is looking for.

Or get feedback from those who have been where you are.

And just like other Pinterest features, communities are free to join.


say hello to Pinterest communities

More Mobile

Now I know a lot of people already use Pinterest on their phone.

I sure do. It’s easy to share some pins real quick.

And it seems like communities are meant to be used from your phone as well.

Especially since that’s the only way to join right now!

We all know that everyone is always on a phone nowadays, so it makes sense.

Another thing is that you can post a URL, it doesn’t have to be a pin.

Which also makes it seem more mobile.

And you can easily join in discussions from your phone.

Or even post a question.

Quick and easy, great for mobile.

So even if that’s not how they intend it to be used, it’s certainly easy to.





How to join

Are you ready to join some now?

Well, you need to join a community before you will have access to them.

To unlock communities you have to use your phone and the Pinterest app.

This is only for the first time though.

Once you unlock them, you will be able to access them from your computer.

And I have heard it could take up to an hour to update. But, mine was available immediately.

So if you want you can join one of my communities, which are for blogging tips.

Then you will be able to join other communities and/or make your own.

You can join my Beginner Blogging Community here.


Create your own

Once you have unlocked communities, you are able to make your own.

One thing to know is that there are no private ones.

They don’t have privacy settings, anyone is able to join your community.

But you can make rules that you want people to follow.

And you can create a sticky note and pin to the top of your page.

You can also moderate posts and choose other members to be moderators.

Also be sure to add some conversation starters to get things going.

And be sure to help other members feel engaged and inspired.

Now, when naming your community, you don’t want to use your website name.

You want to think more in terms of what someone is searching for.

By doing this you can have a better chance of growing your community faster.

Although I’m not sure you will.

Communities are still new and not a whole lot of people know about them.

And once a name has been chosen, no one else can have it.

So this is the perfect chance to mark your territory!

Claim your community name while you can.


Pinterest Communities

Invite new users

Now you don’t need to create your own community to invite new users.

Simply click on the plus sign and copy your link

You must use the invite link and not the community url.

Here are links to both of my communities.


Pinterest communities


Blog building community



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Let me know what you think about the new Pinterest Communities.


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