Practical Productivity Pointers
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Practical Productivity Pointers

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If you’re looking for ways to be more productive you are in the right place.

I’m going to give you some tips, or better yet,

practical productivity pointers that will help you accomplish your goals.


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Practical Productivity Pointers


Can you imagine getting everything on your list completed for the day?

Or, how about even getting started on tomorrow’s list?

Now, I know you’re thinking that just sounds like a fantasy.

But it doesn’t have to be. And look at it like this.

Are you magically going to add hours to your day? No, of course, you’re not.


So, you need to find ways to be more productive.

You can do this by learning how to manage your time more wisely.

And I’m going to show you how.

Just keep on reading to find out my practical productivity pointers.


Practical Productivity Pointers


No Notifications

Let’s start with this one simple thing.

Turn your phone off, or at least notifications.

Give yourself some time to just work on the task at hand.

If you are able to remove all distractions, you will get the most out of your time.

I understand that there are times when it isn’t possible to rid yourself of all distractions.

And that’s especially the case if you’re a stay at home mom.

But, you can take some steps to shut a few things out.



Next on the list is organization.

This can be an underrated productivity booster.

I actually love to be organized. You may not always be able to tell it.

But, I like to have everything organized and in its place.

This can also be a huge time saver.

If you know where everything is when you need it, you can save a ton of time searching for it.

Being organized will make your work area look so much better too.

And in turn, this can also make you less stressed.



Creating lists of small tasks to accomplish each day can help.

I really like lists too. Having a visual of what you want to get done may help you achieve it.

You can make small lists each night for the next day.

Or even pick one day a week to plan out what you want to accomplish the next week.

Don’t overdo it. Make sure you’re not setting big goals.

Use small goals that you are able to achieve.

If you set your sights too high, you will become overwhelmed and upset when you don’t get them done.


Extra Time

Make sure you allow enough time to get each task done as well.

You don’t want to feel rushed trying to get a ten-minute task done in five.

It’s even better if you can allow for extra time.

Then, if you get done early, you can move on to another task.

But this way you won’t be upset because you didn’t get finished.

Plus, when you’re in a hurry, you don’t so as good of a job.


Practical Productivity Pointers


Morning Motivation

Here is another thing to try.

Start your day by getting some morning motivation.

Pick a few of the tasks on your list for the day to get done early in the morning.

After getting these done, it will boost your sense of accomplishment.

You’re going to feel good about yourself and you’ll be motivated to keep going.

So this one small thing may just help you stay productive all day long.

Now, once again, make sure that you are choosing small tasks that you know you can achieve.

By breaking things down, you will reduce that overwhelming feeling.

And you don’t get lost in all the files and deadlines.

If you need some help getting motivated, check out this post.

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No More Multitasking

Now, you may think that you can get more done if you multitask.

This is NOT true. When you do this you are actually doing more harm than good.

It can cause you to feel drained.

You may end up feeling like your running around in circles.

And you probably don’t get as much done in the long run because you have too much on your plate at once.

Multitasking doesn’t allow you to give each task your full attention.

By changing this one simple thing, you may find that the quality of your work will also improve.



I know, none of us like the term deadline.

Just that word is enough to get your heart racing.

But it doesn’t have to be a negative and pressured thing. Go easy on yourself.

Start off with some small goals to hold yourself accountable for.

By creating a deadline, you will feel more obligated to achieve that goal.

And when you do, make sure you celebrate it.

Give yourself a small reward for each job you get done.


Walk Away

And now you’re probably thinking how does walking away help productivity?

Well, sometimes we can get stressed out and just need a break.

And if you can actually go outside and go for a walk, it can help clear your head.

Getting some fresh air may give you a positive outlook and a fresh perspective.

Plus, it’s a quick way to get in a little exercise. Walking is one of the best exercises we can do.

And a change of scenery will do wonders for your creative juices.

A short walk will really boost your efficiency.

You may be surprised just how effective it can be.



Spruce Up Your Surroundings

Here is another very simple thing that you can do.

And you may be surprised what a difference it can make.

But, you won’t feel as motivated in a boring, dark and dreary area.

Sprucing up your surroundings can be as easy as lighting a pretty candle.

Or maybe something bigger like adding vases and plants or even nice furniture.

Putting things that make you feel happy into your personal space will definitely brighten up your day.

And adding your personal touch to your work area can really boost your mood,

which in turn will boost productivity.


Practical Productivity Pointers


Fix Yourself Up

And finally, taking the last idea one step farther, try fixing yourself up a bit.

Even if you’re working from home,

doing small things that make you feel better will get you more motivated.

If you feel better about yourself when you get out of your pj’s and put on some makeup,

then make sure to do this every morning.

Now, this may not be the case for everyone, but I know it works for me.

I feel better when I look better.

Your mood can have a lot to do with productivity.

So by all means, do whatever you can to start your day off feeling good about yourself.


We want to boost our productivity by working smarter, not harder.

Try your best not to overload yourself.

Don’t stuff your calendar full of work-related commitments.

Take a few steps to make things easier and lighten your load.

Sometimes less can be better.

Good luck getting productive.



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