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Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs and Step Into Your Full Potential

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Are you letting your self-limiting beliefs hold you back from bigger success?

Do you want to gain the kind of success that you deserve?

When will you be ready to take the steps needed to reach your full potential?

If you answered NOW…then this is just for you!

Identify Self-Limiting Beliefs and Step Into Your Full Potential



This is the final post of the “Want Bigger Success?” series.

It was a small five post series to see if  Self-Limiting Beliefs Could be Holding You Back?

In case you have not read the prior posts yet,

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Now, if you’re ready to move on, here’s number 5.

Let’s get going!


want bigger success

Taking action to step into your full potential

When it comes to crushing your self-limiting beliefs, it’s easy to read and think about it.

Simply doing those two things won’t help you let go of self-limiting beliefs.

You have to be willing to take action consistently if you really want to reach your full potential.

Yea, I know, it’s easier said than done.

But here’s how you can get started though:

Identify a self-limiting belief.

Choose one self-limiting belief that’s holding you back and that you’d like to change.

Once you’ve picked a self-limiting belief,

Grab a sheet of paper and write down all of the bad things that will happen if you challenge this belief.

For example, if you’re afraid to market your services, write that down.

Then write down everything that could happen if you try to market your services.

Maybe you fear people will laugh at you or that no one needs your services.

Journal all of these ideas.

Doing this will help you to identify your beliefs and find ways you can challenge them.

Want Bigger Success? 5- Into Your Potential


Challenge your fears

It’s time to challenge your fears.

For instance, maybe you fear rejection. And you decide that you are done.

You don’t want to listen to this fear anymore.

Maybe you could set up a challenge to yourself.

For example, you could start a journey like 100 Days of Rejection.

Each day, you would make a request knowing you’ll be rejected.

Like asking to borrow a hundred dollars from a stranger.

Or dance with a waitress, maybe sit in a police car.

I know that these activities might sound silly because they are!

But, in turn, this will teach you to overcome your fear of rejection.

Try it out and challenge your own fear.

Do something like going to a networking event and pitching your services.

Or reach out to some of your connections to see if they could use a freelancer’s services.

It’s important to do this because you’re re-training your mind about the consequences of your choices.

Instead of thinking “rejection is the worst thing ever”, you’ll see that you can handle rejection.

And that you actually have a lot to offer potential clients.

Learning how to handle negativity will help you in your business also.

You will always have to deal with rejection and negative comments in the business world.

Plus, you never know, you may not end up being rejected.

Maybe you’ll land a great opportunity, possibly earn some money!

And that’s a great step toward finding your full potential.

Want Bigger Success? 5-Stepping into Your Potential


Enlist the support of a friend

Do you know of a solopreneur or small business owner that’s dealing with their own self-limiting beliefs?

If so, then it might be a good idea to team up together.

And in case you don’t, simply ask around.

Use your favorite social media to find a support system.

I’m sure you’ll find others who have the same issues.

Then, each month, you could both pick a belief that you’d like to let go of.

Maybe have weekly check-in calls to talk about your progress and setbacks.

Or you can text or chat through social media.

Help each other stay positive and stay supportive.

It’s always great to have some encouragement.

As you take this journey together,

You’ll learn how to tackle your beliefs and grow your business in exciting new ways.

Don’t think that you have to overcome all of your self-limiting beliefs in a day or two either.

It does take time to let go of beliefs you’ve held on to for so long.

So don’t give up, every small step is getting you closer to your full potential and a better life.

Be patient with yourself during the process and keep a positive attitude.


You can do this.


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