Top Ten Design Programs For Entrepreneurs
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Top Ten Design Programs For Entrepreneurs

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If you are an entrepreneur, you probably want to make your own designs.

Having good graphics will make your website look so much better.

It can be really expensive to have someone do these things for you.

And without the right tools, it can take a lot of your time.

When you have the proper programs, it makes things a whole lot easier.

I decided to put together a list.


The top ten design programs for entrepreneurs.


Top Ten Design Programs For Entrepreneurs


Now, some of these may be a bit pricey, but they will save you in the long run.

I have ordered them from the most to the least expensive.

1. Microsoft Office

The first product is one that I am sure almost everyone has heard of.

It’s Microsoft Office Home and Business.

Now, with this program, you can do so much more than just design.

You get five programs in one place.

They are Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and OneNote for Windows 10.

This is the newest 2019 version. And comes licensed for home and commercial use.

It is simply an all in one business program.

With so many options, you will get your money’s worth out of it.

If you’re like me, you will use it every day!


If you are short on money, this is a great alternative.

Microsoft Office Home and Student, but it doesn’t include Outlook.

It’s still a great option, for a smaller price.


2. Adobe

The next one is Adobe Photoshop CC.

This is another top product that I’m sure you have heard of.

It is one of the best and most popular design tools.

You can transform your images into about anything you can imagine.

And share them on your website and favorite social media.

The possibilities are endless.

3. CorelDRAW

Here we have CorelDRAW Home and Student Suite.

This software is perfect for all levels of design experience.

You get an all-in-one toolbox for graphics, illustration, photo editing, web images and art.

It’s easy to crop and apply special effects for perfect photos, even at high resolution.

Unleash your creative potential and complete projects faster with this software.


4. PaintShop

Next on the list is PaintShop Pro 2019.

Get outstanding results with this photo editing and graphic design software.

Quickly edit your photos with things like, removing red-eye, whitening teeth, and adding a suntan.

 Crop and enhance them with one click fixes.

This is a great alternative for those looking for a smaller price tag.


5. Cyberlink

The next product is Cyberlink Photo Director 9 Ultra.

This is a complete photo editor for travel, landscapes, and portraits.

You can transform videos into GIFs.

Create still images from video footage.

It even has dehaze and defringe tools for removing fog and color distortion.

You simply can’t go wrong with choosing this software.

Comes with a decent price tag too.


6. Xara

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is my next product.

With Xara, you get a graphic design, image editing and illustration all in a single software.

Offers graphic design for professional levels.

You can create logos, symbols, and sketches.

Offers over 140 filters and overlays.

Also, not too expensive.

7. Summitsoft

This is Graphic Design Studio by Summitsoft.

Offers advanced design tools.

You can easily create and print professional looking artwork and web graphics.

Includes over 2000 graphics and images and over 65 commercial use fonts.


8. Photo Explosion

Moving on, here is Photo Explosion Deluxe 5.0.

You get millions of creative combinations with this product.

Add backgrounds, frames, balloons, and even more props.

Offers hundreds of digital photo effects and retouching tools to create the perfect picture.

This even has easy to use video editing.

You’ll be able to create thousands of photo projects and graphics with this software.

It’s great for those on a small budget. Can’t beat this price.



9. Print Artist

Next is Print Artist Platinum 25.

This software comes with a video tutorial for a fast and easy start.

Easily create your social media graphics.

You can save them as PDF and JPEG.

Then share your graphics on Facebook and YouTube with just a few clicks.

And it even offers over 28000 professionally designed templates.

Go ahead and check it out.


10. Serif

Now, we have Serif DrawPlus 8.

It’s digital art and design made easy.

You can create logos, sketches, and paintings.

This software contains intuitive tools for technical drawings.

Enhance your photos with filter effects.

And easily export your drawings to many different file types.

It won’t break the bank either. One of the cheapest design products you’ll find.


The option above is a great value. You just have to wait for delivery.

Here is the same product DrawPlus 8 in the link below, it is a download.

But there is a big difference in the price, it’s over 4x as much.


Okay well, there you have it. I hope that you can find one of these products useful.

And if you need some tips on Creating Amazing Content check out this post here.



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