want bigger success 3 where do beliefs come from
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Learn Where Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From

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This is the third post in the “Want Bigger Success?” series.

It is a small five post series to see if  Self-Limiting Beliefs Could be Holding You Back?

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want bigger success 3 where do beliefs come from

Learn Where Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From


So starting off, your mind is like a soundtrack. It constantly plays thoughts as you go through your day.

Self-limiting beliefs are the thoughts that hold you back from going after your business goals.

And they prevent you from creating a life that you love.

But don’t think you have to give in to these thoughts.

Remember that your thoughts are under your control.

First, take the time to figure out where self-limiting beliefs come from.

Then you can gain insight and learn how to change them.


want bigger success 3-Where Do Self Limiting Beliefs Come From


Hateful Remarks Can Result in Self-Limiting Beliefs


Sometimes self-limiting beliefs can come from hateful remarks from other people.

Maybe your teacher told you that you were a terrible writer.

Or a verbally abusive parent who called you worthless as a child.

It could have even been a friend who envies your life.

A lot of us make the mistake of believing what they’re told is true.

It’s just natural, especially when we hear it repeatedly.

I mean, it’s not like you examine everything you’re told.

We don’t take the time to learn if a belief is true or not.

So, this can cause you to carry around statements about your abilities that simply aren’t true.

Self-Limiting Beliefs may Come from Self-Doubt


Of course, self-doubt can lead to self-limiting beliefs.

Because everyone is insecure and doubts their own abilities at some point in their life.

Maybe you weren’t picked to work on a web design project you really wanted.

So you assumed that your designs were terrible.

Or maybe you applied to be a speaker at an upcoming conference and weren’t chosen.

During times of self-doubt, it’s important to remember that other people’s decisions are not a reflection of you.

There are many reasons you may have missed out on those opportunities.

It may have had nothing to do with your abilities at all.

Maybe you weren’t meant to work on that project because a better project is waiting for you.

Or you weren’t chosen to speak because you’d be in an auto accident while you were traveling.

Things do happen for a reason.

Sometimes, we don’t think of it that way.

You don’t see the bigger picture, you just blame yourself.



Want Bigger Success? 3-Where Do Self-Limiting Beliefs Come From


Self-Limiting Beliefs Can Come from Your

Perception of Others


Imagine this: you’re at a networking event.

You spot another small business owner in the crowd and you walk toward them.

Before you can reach them, they turn away.

You assume they don’t want to talk to you.

Maybe your thinking:

I’m a boring conversationalist.

No one’s interested in me.

Can they tell I don’t belong?

Your perception of this person keeps you from reaching out.

So you stick to talking just with people you already know.

And you miss out on the chance to build some great professional relationships.

Learning how to change your negative mindset is essential if you want to reach the next level in your business.

When you hear self-limiting beliefs, take a moment to consider if they’re really true.

Or are they simply those lies that you’ve accepted as the truth?


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